3/4 - Sample of my participation to the Artstation Challenge: Dragon's Rise - The forgotten Realm :
Feel free to use them for your 3D creations!
Lore : The very smart little girl you see is the favorite mechanic of the residents of the kingdom. She has created this dragon robot to help the inhabitants to move very heavy loads. And this is just one of hundreds of inventions.
The person with the three-headed mask is the royal priestess. With the help of a magic incense carrier, she can make the souls of dead dragons appear as smoke and communicate with them.
Charadesign entry : https://www.artstation.com/challenges/dragons-rise-the-forgotten-realms/categories/159/submissions/66952
Propdesign entry : https://www.artstation.com/challenges/dragons-rise-the-forgotten-realms/categories/161/submissions/67742